KenQuilt Quilting Machines

Engineered to the high standards of Professional Quilters.


Stan's forty years of mechanical engineering experience combined with Dee Dee's wish list has created a longarm quilting machine that is light weight, easy to use and well balanced. Our customers asked for a stitch regulator, well lit needle area,  reduced vibration and noise.  We listened and achieved all of it in our newest design of our longarm quilting machines.


Whether quilting for personal projects or running a business, KenQuit machines are fun, easy to use and reliable.  The light weight extruded aluminum is very strong and will last decades.  The high perfomance digital stitch regulator paired with the responsive motor offers years of quality service. 


  • The SR Touch digital stitch regulator has four modes and a touch screen interface.
  • Digital stitch regulation eliminates the dreaded long stitch when starting to sew.
  • Light weight design is easier to move and control.
  • Comfortable foam grips means less fatigue.
  • Blanced to reduce vibration.
  • Bright LED lighting where it's needed, at the needle.
  • Stitch regulator comes standard on every machine.
  • CompuQuilter Ready. 

Available on the redesigned 10 ft, or 12 ft metal table included in the price, 14 ft available for an extra $200. 


Machine Timing  -  Instructions to time the rotary hook, set the needle bar height, hopping foot height, hopping foot timing and replace the check spring.

KenQuilt Regal Stitch  -  A manual for the KenQuilt Regal Stitch.

KQ622  -  A manual for the KenQuilt 622.