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KenQuilt KQ622

Machines, tables, Needles, belts, motors, replacement parts for the KQ622 shortarm machine.


KQ622 Belt

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Belt for the KQ 622 and KQ 633 machines.

Standard 1458 belt.

Needles, DBx1, 16x231 110/18


Needles for the KQ622

DBx1  16x231

Size 110/18

Pack of 10 Needles

Price: $10.00

Needles, DBx1, 16x231 100/16


Needles for the KQ622

DBx1  16x231

Size 100/16

Price: $10.00

Check Spring for KQ622


Check Spring for the KQ622, KQ633 tension assembly

Price: $5.00

Hook Assembly, 3L


Hook Assembly

Size L, 3 O'clock position

Fits the KQ622

Price: $75.00

Bobbins, Size L, 10 pk.


Bobbins, L


Size L bobbins

10 pack


Price: $5.50

Bobbin Cases - 3L


Bobbin Case - 3L

Size L Bobbins case,

3 O'clock position.

Fits on the KQ622,



Price: $20.00


Machine Timing  -  Instructions to time the rotary hook, set the needle bar height, hopping foot height, hopping foot timing and replace the check spring.

KenQuilt Regal Stitch  -  A manual for the KenQuilt Regal Stitch.

KQ622  -  A manual for the KenQuilt 622.