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KenQuilt 622

11.5" x 5" Throat Space    
6.5" Quilting Space.


The KQ622 is an industrial shortarm quilting machine.  It rides on the Original Hinterberg Frame. 


  • The KQ622 is a 96 class, full size industrial machine made of cast iron with a throat depth of 11-1/2” and a throat height of 5”.  This gives you a quilting area of about 6-1/2”.
  • Made at the KenQuilt facility in Arkansas.
  • Users can quilt from the front or back of the machine using comfort grip
  • Convenient front and rear handles have a continuous run button on the front end of the machine and a momentary button on the rear end of the machine for safety.
  • LED light bar illuminates the needle for ease of use.
  • Variable speed control allows outline quilting and maintains a constant speed to suit the operator  from zero to full capacity.
  • Uses a Rotary Hook with and standard size bobbin capacity - Size L.
  • Top mounted 1/10 HP motor with high starting torque and a motor speed of up to 8,000 RPM.
  • Hinterberg table included.  You purchase rails locally at your choice of length.
  • Separate bobbin winder (optional) works independently of the KenQuilt machine. 
  • Disk tensioner.
  • Battery powered laser.
  • Accessories with the machine - 5 patterns, 10 needles, 6 bobbins, 4 clamps, 1
    spool of thread, screwdrivers, oil, and a manual.


SKU: KQ622
List price: $3,100.00
Price: $3,100.00


Machine Timing  -  Instructions to time the rotary hook, set the needle bar height, hopping foot height, hopping foot timing and replace the check spring.

KenQuilt Regal Stitch  -  A manual for the KenQuilt Regal Stitch.

KQ622  -  A manual for the KenQuilt 622.