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KenQuilt Royal:



Throat Space - 28"
Actual Quilting Space - 24"


The Royal Quilting Machine is the largest of our quilting machine family. It is perfect for connecting to the CompuQuilter, quilting for a business, or even owning a machine for your own personal use!!! The features on this machine and the quilting space makes it perfect for anyone.

Royal Features:

  • The Royal comes as a Standard Model or Model featuring
    Regal Stitch Regulator.
  • The machine housing is made of lightweight aerospace aluminum alloy that has
    been powder coated for a lustrous durable finish.
  • The Royal is made at the KenQuilt facility in Kansas.
    Available in custom colors - the standard color is Silver Vein.
  • The Royal has 28" from the needle to the back of the throat and 11-1/2" from
    the bottom to the top. The actual quilting space on the Royal is 24". It looks
    like the Princess, only 6" longer.
  • Uses a Titanium Needle size 135 x 5 size 18.
  • The Hopping Foot is centered to the needle so that quilting templates can be
    used accurately and easily.
  • Uses a Rotary Hook with an extra large bobbin capacity - Size M.
  • Built-in Bobbin Winder is included to allow you to wind extra bobbins while quilting.
  • Both Horizontal and Vertical thread stands are located on the machines for using
    small and large specialty spools of thread.
  • Only 2 tensions are located on the machines - one pretension and one rotary
  • 12" LED Light is located over the needle area and will not burn hands quilting
    from the front of the machine. It is wired independently so that it can be used
    even with the machine turned off.
  • Isolation Glides are located on the bottom of the legs to adjust the height and to
    level the table.
  • Focusing and Dimming Laser Light Stylus is located on both the Standard and
    Stitch Regulated Machines for tracing patterns accurately. It can be used at the
    front and back of the machine.
  • Users can quilt from the front or back of the machine using foam cushion grip
    handles. The front and rear handles are ergonomically adjustable and designed
    at a 45 degree angle for ease of use.
  • Sealed ball bearings and oil impregnated bronze bushings allow for only two
    lubrication points.
  • Top mounted motor with 2.12 Amp 148 W and 3400 RPM. Top mounting the
    motor makes it easy to upgrade Standard Models to the Regal
    Stitch Regulator.
  • Standard Models include a Variable Speed Control knob to adjust the machine
    speed to your movement.
  • 8" Polymer Grip at the cog end of rollers makes for nonslip adjustment rollers.
    Our new cog ratcheting system allows for finer adjusting of the quilt.
  • Custom made wheels with sealed ball bearings on the cross track and machine
    allows for effortless movement in any direction.
  • Royal tables are made out of extruded aluminum.
  • Table sizes are standard in both 12' and 14' lengths. Customized table sizes are
    available upon request. The width of the table is 54".
  • Accessories with the machine - 5 patterns, 10 needles, 6 bobbins, 4 clamps, 1
    spool of thread, screwdrivers, oil, and a manual.


*  includes a new warranty. 


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Machine Timing  -  Instructions to time the rotary hook, set the needle bar height, hopping foot height, hopping foot timing and replace the check spring.

KenQuilt Regal Stitch  -  A manual for the KenQuilt Regal Stitch.

KQ622  -  A manual for the KenQuilt 622.